Problems With Water

Discoloring of sinks or fixtures

Metallic taste or strange odor in drinking water

Scale or buildup on your faucets or shower heads


Contaminants in water that the municipal water plants unfortunately cannot remove.

How We Help

Restore Water Solutions will listen to your concerns and analyze your water. In doing so, we will be able to identify the problem areas and offer solutions custom fit to your needs and home. With a variety of solutions available we are able to offer you the latest technology for great water!

What we offer

What We Offer

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Water Filtration System

Enjoy cleaner, safer, better tasting water throughout your home...

Water Softeners and Conditioners

Soft water makes a difference you can see and feel by its usage...

Water Quality Solutions

Enjoy cleaner, safer, better tasting water throughout your home…

Whole Home and Point of Use Solutions

Bottled water taste without the expense and waste…

Get your free water quality analysis

We’ll provide you with a detailed report

Contact us today and we will come out for FREE to test your water and answer any questions you may have. Based off the results, we will also recommend which of our water conditioners is perfect for you—a system that is not too big or small for your home, how many people live in the household, etc! We look forward to meeting you!

Why Choose Us

Licensed in Illinois
Ongoing training
20+ in the industry
Unparalleled customer service

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