The water in your home depends on conditions you experience and are likely specific to the region you live in. To get the most out of what your home water has to give, consider investing in a water treatment system because better taste is just the start of what you will enjoy with higher quality water. Fluffier towels, softer skin, shinier hair, longer lasting appliances and more can be yours when you take the time to learn about what’s in your water.

Where does your water come from?

Water in homes can come from a number of sources, such as lakes, rivers, reservoirs, or from underground sources. Depending on where it comes from, your water may have a different taste. Municipal water is often treated with chemicals like chlorine, and well water can have dirt or sediment in it. Additives- natural or chemical- can affect how your water tastes, smells and feels. With the many different home water solutions available at RetoreMyWater, you can take control of your water whether it’s in your kitchen or your entire house. With a quick water quality test our professionals can quickly identify your home’s specific water needs. We use this information to identify the best water solutions for your lifestyle, budget and water profile.

Better water in your home

Whole-home water solutions help ensure that, from the moment water enters your home until the time it reaches your faucets, your water is consistently filtered throughout your home at every tap, from your kitchen sink to the shower to the laundry room. In addition, by adding an under sink water filter, you can also reduce sediment, chemicals, and bacteria in your drinking water. Whether it’s just the kitchen tap, or whether you decide to pair a water filter with a whole-home system, you get great-tasting water every time, thus reducing your dependency on bottled water and you do your part in reducing plastic waste.

Protecting your investment

The taste and smell of your water aren’t the only reasons you should consider investing a whole home water treatment solution. Whole-home treatment systems also help protect your appliances from hard water buildup and sediment that can reduce their efficiency and lifespan. It can lengthen the life of your appliances and prevent you from having to pay for costly repairs or replacing them sooner. Also, a water softening system can also tackle the problem of scratchy towels and scaly appliances. Softer water can reduce the energy your water heater uses and can reduce the amount of cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, and dish soap you need to use to get the job done. Whether you’re cleaning, bathing, or using appliances, softer water produces better results.

By investing in a home water solution, you take control of your water. And you’ll know for certain that your water is cleaner, safer, and tastes great. With a water solution tailored for you, you and your loved ones can enjoy the highest and cleanest quality of water.

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